How to Design Decorated Plaque Art That Will Tell Your Story

As a decorator or designer, you understand that the right art pieces can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Decorated plaque art is one of the most versatile and customizable options that can add a unique touch to your decor. Here are some tips on how to design decorated plaque art that will tell your story.

Understanding Decorated Plaque Art

Decorated plaque art refers to a decorative object that is mounted on a flat surface, such as a wall or a door. Plaques can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and ceramic. The decorative elements on the plaque can be painted, carved, or printed on the surface, and can be customized to reflect a specific theme or style.

Choosing Your Design Elements

The first step in designing decorated plaque art is to choose your design elements. Consider the overall theme or style of your decor, and choose design elements that will complement that style. For example, if you have a coastal-themed decor, you may want to choose a plaque with seashell or starfish accents.

You can also incorporate personal elements into the design of your plaque. Consider using your family name, favorite quote, or a special date in the design. This will make the plaque more meaningful and add a personal touch to your decor.

Selecting the Right Material

The material you choose for your decorated plaque art will have a significant impact on its overall appearance and durability. Wood is a popular choice for plaques because it is easy to work with and can be stained or painted to match any decor. Metal is also a good option for plaques that will be displayed outdoors or in high-traffic areas, as it is more durable than other materials.

Designing Your Plaque

Once you have chosen your design elements and material, it is time to design your plaque. You can use a variety of techniques to create your design, including carving, painting, or printing.

If you are using wood, you can carve your design into the surface of the wood using a wood carving tool. You can also use stencils or a transfer method to transfer your design onto the wood surface before carving.

If you are painting your plaque, choose a high-quality paint that is suitable for the material you are using. You can also add texture to your painted design by using stencils or a sponge.

Finally, if you are printing your design onto the plaque, use a high-quality printer and paper that is compatible with your material. Make sure to choose a design that is high-resolution and that will print clearly onto the surface.


Decorated plaque art is a versatile and customizable option that can add a unique touch to your decor. By following these tips, you can design decorated plaque art that will tell your story and complement your overall decor.

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