12 Tips for choosing a Wall Art Factory in China

Do your homework before making any commitment in time or money, learn all you can about the wall art factory in advance.

  • Collect keywords such as “wall art factory in China”, “canvas factory in China”, “wall art B2B”, “wall art OEM”, etc. on Google, Facebook, Linked In, and other networks to summarize factory information.
  • Check the official website of the factory. Read product pictures, descriptions, and factory information, etc. on the official website.
  • Check the factory’s main business and the factory’s current cooperative customers. The main business of the factory must be home decor, wall art, framed art, canvas art, wood plaque art, shadow box, box frame, etc. Exclude companies whose main business is not home decor.
  • Check factory certification standards, SMETA, and other certifications.
  • View factory area, number of staff, and the number of QI staff. The scale of the factory must match its business volume. Large factories do not pay attention to small orders, and factories that are too small may have a risk of completing large orders and an increased risk of quality. Exclude factories that do not meet the current order volume.
  • Proofing speed and delivery time. Factories with slow proofing and slow delivery times need to be eliminated decisively.
  • The terms of trade, usually FOB.
  • The minimum order quantity. Large factories usually have relatively large MOQs, while small factories have low MOQ requirements. If it is a small order, it is typically handed over to a small and medium-sized factory for processing.
  • Reasonable quotation and fast quotation. Too low prices usually accompany the risks of low-quality and delayed delivery. The cooperation can only continue if the factory is given a reasonable profit margin.
  • Design ability. Generally speaking, because of the cultural differences of various countries, the design capabilities of foreign trade factories are limited. Generally, the products designed by the factory are more suitable for the needs of the nationals of the country, but if it is an experienced foreign trade processing factory, it can design the products that customers want according to the needs of customers and the combination of raw materials on the market.
  • When necessary, you can visit the factory for on-site inspections.

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