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We are a specialized wall art factory, with quite 10 years of professional production experience. We are trying to find an importer who has experience in designing and developing end customers and who intends to seek a specialist manufacturer in China.

Wall art factory Profile:

Factory Audit standard: SMETA
Factory Scale: 86,000 sq. ft
Number of workers: 70
Number of QI: 5
Estimated containers capacity/month: 20
Annual turnover: $5500000
End Customer: Meijer, Hobby Lobby, LTD, Shopko, Fred Mayer, Bass Pro, Target Austria etc.

Services provided by the factory:

Production facilities: fast production cycle, thorough quality inspection process, small MOQ support.
Development support: to cooperate with the event needs of partner to afford free sampling, quotation, etc.
Order execution: complete order execution, timely and quality delivery order.
Shipping tracking: tracking delivery orders in time.
After-sales support: bear the occasional claim caused by the production link.

The major products are:

Framed art, Canvas art, photo frame, Open frame art, Reverse open frame art, Shadowbox, Shadow frame, Wood signs, Box frame, Slat board, Lath wall decor, Pallet wall decor, decorated plaque art etc.

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