The Services We Offer to Wall Art Importers

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The Services We Offer to Wall Art Importers, wholesalers and artists

    Are you an importer looking for a reliable supplier of decorative wall art? Look no further than Chiseng Art! With over a decade of experience, we provide high-quality wall art and wall decorations to customers around the world.

    Competitive Pricing for Increased Profits

    At Chiseng Art, we understand the importance of cutting costs and increasing profits. That’s why we offer very competitive prices for all our wall art products. By choosing us as your supplier, you can save money without sacrificing quality.

    Hassle-Free Ordering and Fast Shipping

    We know that time is money in the import-export business. That’s why we handle all the details of your order, from quoting and sampling to production and shipping. With our fast shipping options, you can be sure your products will arrive on time.

    Low MOQ for Market Testing and Risk Control

    Do you have a new business idea but don’t want to commit to a large order? With our low MOQ, you can test the market without taking on too much risk. We also help you monitor and control your risks by providing regular updates and quality control measures.

    Our Product Range

    At Chiseng Art, we specialize in a wide range of decorative wall art and wall decorations. Our main products include:

    • Framed art
    • Canvas art
    • Wall decor
    • Picture frames
    • Open frame art
    • Reverse open frame art
    • Shadowboxes
    • Shadow frames
    • Wood signs
    • Box frames
    • Slat boards
    • Lath wall decor
    • Pallet wall decor
    • Decorated plaque art

    Request a Quote Today!

    Ready to start importing high-quality wall art and wall decorations from Chiseng Art? Send us your designs and we’ll provide you with a quote and sampling. We also offer small quantity orders to support our valued customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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